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  • Marissa Blalock

    Printable School Lunch Chart I'm going to let the boys' plan their school lunch menu.

  • Meleena Sheffler

    Magnetic Lunch Food Chart

  • Erin Iocco

    Magnetic Lunch Chart: Use a magnetic chart to map out kids' lunches for the week -- you'll know instantly what to make each morning

  • Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

    DIY Magnetic Lunch Chart from @marthastewart --- Perfect craft project to get ready for Back to School!

  • Cherill Watkins

    Magnetic Lunch Chart and Food Labels. martha stewart living, free printables

  • Nathalie Rocquin

    Help From the Kids Make a magnetic lunch chart to involve the kids in choosing what they want to eat for lunch. Check it out at Martha Stewart. Packing school lunches can be a breeze or a total nightmare. While it’s not a difficult task, it’s usually the last thing on most moms minds in the middle of the morning rush. Start by making a lunch station in the fridge, so half the lunch is already made a week in advance.

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Looking for a creative way to make my kids more involved in chores at home. I can't do everything and learn German, and it's a terrible way to send them into the world. I like this, and it looks pretty easy to do. I'm thinking one for Hannah's room and one for John's.

chore chart; the only problem is I need a chart to put "chore chart craft board" on the 'to do' side. inspiration: each job is worth $, pay is based on job performance. have to do certain ones to qualify for pay though.

Toy Ransom Box - such a cute idea & will be necessary if my son is anything like i was about cleaning up!

Great version of a chore chart! Oh, I love this idea. it doesn't link to anything, but you get the idea just from the picture.

#lunch #box ideas- post this in the kitchen and let the #kids plan their own school lunches!

cute ideas for kid lunches- hope I actually have time to do this sort of thing when Thomas starts school....

Back to School Lunch Box Ideas! I don't have to pack a school lunch yet (thank goodness) but these are great ideas.

Inspiration for kids lunch boxes and lunch box food. Check out these other healthy snack ideas too.

I know I'm not a kid anymore, but this still appeals to me for some reason! Ocean Lunch: Dolphin Sandwiches, Goldfish Crackers, Cucumber Starfish, Blue Jello Water with an Orange Slice Sailboat

Lunch note jokes to stick in the kids' lunches! What a fun idea. Totally ran out of original material for my daily notes to G, this will help!