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A tow truck operator tries to figure out how to tow a Jeep after the driver drove through the back wall of his own garage, falling one storey to the ground, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The driver said that as he was returning home, the vehicle's accelerator stuck and he couldn't stop before hitting the house. The driver was not hurt.

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Embarrassing car crashes and road accidents in pictures

A driver smashed through the wall of a second floor car park in Chongqing, China, after mistaking the accelerator for the brake. The vehicle was then left poking precariously out the side of the structure. Huang Xiaoping, who lives next to the car park, saw the incident. He said: 'I heard two explosion sounds. When I came out I saw a car was stuck on the wall on the second floor of the car park building, and the front wheels were still rotating. I thought it was a movie shoot.'