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How to win a bet when you already lost one… or Christmas present for your favorite sibling.

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I have got to remember to do this at least once.

I showed this to my cat and she got excited. Haha

I seriously think this all the time. Are there suppose to be aliens in the pageant too or what??

College Jenga FTW

I want to hang out with this person…

The most fabulous person in the room…

I guess pervs can have a romantic side.

LOL SO AMAZING!!! That moment when your internet friends are better than your real friends ♥

  • Molly

    *floods whole world

  • Elizabeth (School)

    *swims over to drain labeled "PULL ONLY IF SOMEONE CRIED TOO MUCH" and pulls* There. Much better. *looks at post an sniffles* Dangit now I'm going to-WAAAHHHH!! *cries and floods world again*

  • Jacqueline Alvarado

    OK, so I've seen this post before, and it kinda sums up my life, and I was thinking about this post and then BAM! I scroll down and its right there. I know its kinda pointless that I'm saying this, but I felt it needed to be shared, so ya.

  • Jacqueline Alvarado

    And yes, I also flooded the world.

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bahaha!! that's the best! And this, this is basically what I'm going to be doing for a living. yep. ;P

British barbers doing it right...

You should probably know the number of the person to whom you profess your love. Just my take on this