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The Hypnotic Magnetism of Ferrofluids

(9) Ferrofluid Display - Programmable Liquid Metal Professional Exhibit - YouTube

Ferrofluid Magnetic Liquid Display like no other! We call it the Living Liquid Display.

The combination of art and science can have mind-boggling results. Like Ferrofluid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field to an extent that it creates 3-dimensional fractal patterns and sculptures. More images - http://fractalenlightenment.com/14637/artwork/fractal-sculptures-with-magnetic-ferrofluid

Sachiko Kodama Japanese Artist that uses Ferrofluid to create liquid sculptures.

Ferrofluid Bolt Kit

Our Ferrofluid Bolt Kit comes complete with everything you need to create the amazing field spikes seen here. Each kit includes 50 ml Ferrofluid, special ferrous nut and bolt and magnets. Makes a great demonstration.


magnetic liquid sculpture that responds to music at Wired's NextFest

Sachiko Kodama explores ferrofluid

Sachiko Kodama: The Art and Science of Ferrofluid