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#1 most asked question I have gotten in my life. Or simply: You must be great at sports. Nope. Mary Winkelspecht K do you concur?

Tall Girl Problems... that is what I keep telling people but they don't believe me until I try the dress on...

So true. I always think it will be relaxing, but then realize that when you're too tall for the tub it is the opposite of relaxing. Showers it is:)

I've gotten used to it. In order to get the sleeves long enough, I have to buy the shirt so big it could fit a small elephant.

Cute shoes really look cuter when they are small. On big feet, they just look ridiculous.

Laura Nelson there are so many of these! They are all true!

Tall girl problems Wonder if anyone has ever mentioned this at a shoe store? It's like the bags of milk that are placed backwards in the supermarket! Not customer friendly.

This couldn't be any more true right now!

I don't think it's so much "tall girl" problem. Im going with "short girl" problem, since my little sister is taller than me and it's my face in the boobs... Lol

So true and then they yell at you because you walk to fast... You walk to short!