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I'm ready for my walk

My family lived in the country until I was ten. Several of those young summers we adopted a nest of wild baby bunnies. A bunny in a pocket was not an uncommon scene.

Whoever said that diamonds area girls best friend, never owned a dog. #dogquotes

Eight-year-old Matteo Walch with marmot. photo by Michaela Walch Furry friends: 8-year-old has uncanny way with marmots - TODAY.com photo by Michaela Walch

Snowman kisses! How adorable is this kiddo?!

..but your front foot out, put your front foot back, you do the hooky pokey ....


Siberian or Russian flying squirrels

:: guard dog ::


"Barbu Gaulois" -- The Barbet is a very old French breed behind several known around the world today, including the Portuguese water dog, the Briard, the bichon, the Griffin and the poodle breeds


Golden retriever puppies

One of my favorite animals. If only I had their eyelashes jakupwashere: Graceful Giraffe Kisses ~  ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥



a big softy

Head twisted owl


I mean seriously. Come on. Too cute for words.