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  • Laura Lg

    Creeper Santa...Scary looking Santa! Two precious angels sitting on Santa’s lap. They are scared and NOT happy - where is the fun in this?? Adults laugh - the babies scream.

  • Gorgonia

    Childs scared by creepy Santa Claus #christmas #vintage #santa #creepy #weird #kids - Carefully selected by GORGONIA

  • Sydney Hayes

    merry christmas

  • Kristy Doty

    These kids are geniuses and know what is up... too bad Santa has a good grip. :(

  • Kacy Adams

    Happy Holidays Kids!

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This is absolutely hilarious to me. Probable scenario: The kid, like all kids, is freaked out by a stranger in a suit, so after much negotiating and begging on the part of the mother, the parents arrange to have the dad stand behind the chair holding up the boy. Santa probably is so tired by now, that he doesn't give a Flying f**k what they do.

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