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Alpaca: "Yodel-la-ee-HOO!" The lady just smiles!

now why would I want an alpaca to suffer so I could wear it's fur....when it's so damn cute?! (even if it was ugly, I still wouldnt want it to suffer, so ya..) ++

ALPACA: Multiple benefits...profitable without butchering, luxurious fur, small, poop in the same spot, smart and trainable, and they hummmmm. Google It!

I'm going to get a lama for my farm so I can have baby lamas!!!!!!!

"I think it's what they call a 'bad hair day' - any idea how I can make it better?"

baby alpacas... Oh my stinkin' goodness!!! That is the cutest!!!!

Llamas! I don't know why, but I love them! And alpacas.

Alpaca, Awana Kancha, Peru, November 2009, from Stanislav Ginzburg's PrintShoppe

I'd try not to wear alpaca coats from now on. sooooo cute =(