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Classic Sesame Street - Song: "There's a Hole in the Bucket"  from the 1970's. Had to pin because my family looked at me like I had 2 heads when I started singing it... Now there's proof that it did exist as part of my childhood and I'm really not just weird,,, well OK... I'm weird... just not for that..

Classic Sesame Street - Song: "There's a Hole in the Bucket" remember when Sesame Street was actually interesting and fun to watch. Fat Blue and Grover were great too!

Listerine strips!!!  I ate these all the time!  They were gross but my parents insisted

Candy - Remember when it would dissolve on your tongue!

Sesame Street

Lauren Graham and Grover are authors for 'Sesame Street,' write about dill pickles

WOW! I remember this! I loved it!  Vintage Barbie Loves McDonalds 80s Toys by ...

I got this for Christmas one year and was the happiest kid on the face of the earth!Vintage Barbie Loves McDonalds Toys by ThePantages on Etsy

Christina-is this what it looked like? Fun Chicken vending machine | FUN CHICKEN Egg Vending Machine - a photo on Flickriver

Nostalgia Time: Revisiting The Past. I remember this! Why doesn't this exist anywhere now! Hahah they do exist still! At my local arcade!

Encarta #1990s

Oh my goodness. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about Encarta! Oh, the days before Wikipedia. // I LOVED encarta so much!