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A bathtub in front of a fireplace? Yes, please!

Hammock bathtub . . . um yeah I'm pretty sure that's the coolest thing I've ever seen!

Outdoor Space Ideas I love to have this as my front porch

Very elegant bathroom design. The circular bathtub is the focal point of the room surronded my large windows. The drappery and fabric chaise lounge give the room a very soft romantic feeling.

Fireplace next to the bathtub!! Dream come true.

Shut the front door! I want this!!!!

Fire place and a shower

Fireplace by the hot tub :) love this!!!

My dream home!

Brainstorming ways to cover up the AC unit. I like this, but think it'd draw more attention, rather than hide. Golden Branch Fireplace Screen at Neiman Marcus.

Back porch fireplace

Floor to ceiling curtains in front of shower door.


Bathtub for 2 overflows into the shower! Hello!

Bathtub coolness

Love the front of this house