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Lose your muffin top and get ride of the excess buldge that pops out and over your jeans. See the tummy exercises from flat tummy workouts to reduce tummy fat, and muffin tops. How to get a flat tummy.

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it is not about weight, it is about muscle mass vs. fat mass.  Fat has a higher volume at 1 lb vs. muscle at 1 lb.

A reminder that a lower weight is not the goal! Muscle weighs more than fat and LOOKS 10 times better. This is why we shouldn’t obsess if our weight stays the same for a bit when we are training hard. Now to start training hard. or just training :)


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Mad you've only lost one pound? Photo puts it in perspective - 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss Community 100 lb. Club

Gross I know, but.This is 1 pound of fat. Every time you lose 1 pound, this is the amount of crap you're getting out of your body. Keep going.

pounds of fat vs 5 pounds of muscle! Still sad you've "only" lost 5lbs??!! http://marcyblaney.myplexusproducts.com

pounds of fat vs 5 pounds of muscle - that is crazy! Now I understand why 5 pounds of fat loss feels like a lot to me!