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  • Penny Osejo

    how 2 remove printing on food containers? Need pure acetone ~ found in the beauty section near the finger nail polish removers. Rag & container. In a dish pan, pour enuf acetone on rag to saturate it. Make sure you are in a ventilated area & wearing gloves. Wrap rag around container & let sit 3-5 mins. may take longer,check container by rubbing the paint. Wipes off, you are good to go! Just keep wiping! If it doesn’t come of easily, keep soaking. You may need to re-saturate ur rag.

  • Debbie Calvert

    Remove printed labels from food containers - earth day craft supplies

  • Donna Emans

    How to remove print from plastic containers. earth day craft supplies

  • Linda Nicholson

    removing labels on plastic containers earth day craft supplies

  • sandy lu

    earth day craft supplies Remove writing from plastic containers for repurposing.

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