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Vertical Black and white stripes, and arched doorway.

The mix of prints and patterns is incredible. That staircase is unreal.

My Aunt had a home built in the 1800's that had a stairwell just like this.

O My! @Laura Gandee Have you been here? Verdes. The Greenbrier Hotel, West Virginia, USA

Why on the bucket list and not for the home? Because one day I will live in a home that has the spiral staircase of my dreams :-)

A little passage under the stairs with bookcases on one wall - just asks to be turned into a cosy reading nook!

Greenbrier - Dorothy Draper - contrasting color scheme (red/green) - tonal distribution throughout - dark hues, planes recede

Colorful set of staircase seen someplace in Bangalore, India. I have not seen any other like this in India, but then, I haven't lived in the state of Kerala, where houses are known to be rather colorful. :-)

Dorothy Draper’s signature red-and-green palette in the Greenbrier’s Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, U.S.

greenbrier hotel. entry foyer of the casino club.