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    Federally regulated and approved, nutritious lunch. 'Here ya go kids! Now go run a timed mile!'

    • Brenda Clark

      lunch room pizza/ Anyone remember these types of school lunches? Not the crap students are given today. Sad change isn't it.

    • Matthew J. Adams

      #80s #schoollunch #hotlunch #pizza | via

    • Erin Holston

      This is how I remember school lunch! Square pizza, chocolate milk, corn because it went with everything. We never got pretzels though, there was always an empty square.

    • CG Ramirez

      Awful school lunches... remember the rectangular pizza slices like these? The crust was like cardboard. Yuck!

    • Cori Lee

      School lunches! I remember that pizza! However, our milk came in a pouch and we never got pretzels...

    • Black Vault

      School lunch. Square pizza, chocolate milk, corn goes with everything. We never got pretzels. Also i like to add that i remember when our school lunches were like this growing up in the 90's not sure if they still do it that way or not.

    • Martha Hernandez

      School lunch. Square pizza, chocolate milk, corn don't remember the pretzel but I do remember this was our school lunch on Wednesdays. So many good memories this tray has brought.

    • Krista Franks

      Old school lunches looked like this...hahaha, totally remember the weirdly rectangular pizza!

    • DealDash

      #nostalgia #school #lunch #food #pizza #childhood #memories

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    remembering fundraising for school with these

    My mom used to buy me this for lunch as a kid.