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  • Annie Bear18

    Did this long time ago. Only healthy snacks not junk food. kids pantry - kids dishes, snacks, and storage, so they can be independent and helpful in the kitchen...I am in love with this idea!!

  • Jen McCauslin

    Kids Pantry - kids dishes, snacks, and storage, so they can be independent and helpful in the kitchen. SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!!

  • Kitchen Cabinet Kings

    Kitchen Zones A well-organized kitchen equals less time spent looking for ingredients and equipment. Try organizing cabinets by like items so you can find what you need in a flash.

  • Dkvdw

    Idea to create a special kid's pantry from Better Homes and Gardens. Choose a lower cabinet that is easily accessible. Stock healthy foods & snacks, kid-friendly dishes & utensils. Include everything they need for a quick meal or snack. Teaches children how to be helpful in the kitchen & independent.-like this idea except I'd do healthy things not chips and junk food lol

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Great pantry organization. I love clear containers for dry goods. The baskets are also very nice storage pieces.

Pantry Know-How Divide your pantry into cooking categories that match your lifestyle, such as breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Then eliminate hard-to-manage towers of canned good while making the most of limited pantry space with wire shelf dividers. Use slip-on undermount shelves to contain bread products and keep them safe from getting squashed; corral toast toppings on a lazy Susan. To simplify lunch prep, tuck bagging supplies into a basket for easy transportation to the countertop.

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Snack Buckets for the kids to select a snack from! Will be using this as they get older/for school lunches

More Food Storage Ideas I absolutely LOVE the clear storage, but glass and 3 boys don't go together; it will have to be plastic for me. :-) Love the bushel baskets on floor.

a barn door in front of the pantry. which has a wine fridge. flanked by a chalkboard wall. gimme a minute while i catch my breath.