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18th Century - Mens Vest

18th Century - Men's Vest

18th Century - Men's Hat

19th Century Mens Outfit

18th Century - Men's Pants

19th Century Gentlemen Clothes


Mermaid costume

DIY Fox Costume

Make these paper wigs for a fun and easy way to add to your Halloween costume! Tools and Materials Plastic grocery bag Scissors Round object to use as a head form (we used a cabbage) Masking tape Newspaper, thin colored paper, or curling ribbon for "hair" Double-sided tape

Craft Foam Armor Tutorial- you never know when you need some armor.

Halloween ideas. LOVE.

how to make an elizabethan collar | Rachael's costumes: Elizabethan Collar RED QUEEN

Top hats replaced the tricorne at the end of the 18th century. They were made up of felted beaver fur for the upper classes and later became part of the uniforms for policemen and postmen to give them the look of authority.

Cufflinks, Inc. 'Movember' Mustache Tie Bar

Mezlan 'Barrios' Spectator Shoe available at #Nordstrom

Love this muted red for a jacket, and you simply could not wear this without a bow tie.

White suit, black bow-tie, what do you think guys? I personally don't think I can pull it off.

Ted Baker London 'Cassiuss 2' Spectator Shoe

Need for Tweed | elegant lines and color coordination | #businessstyle #burgundytiepin #elegantgents