• Nickelle Bartholomew

    that horrifying moment when your friends fat arm makes you look naked in the office party picture... so funny!

  • Zamirah Wynder

    things to post on facebook | funny stuff / hahaha this is hilarious! #awkward #moments on imgfave

  • Suellen Brett

    This is the moment you realize you must join Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutra System, Physician's Weight Loss and buy a BowFlex.

  • Brittany Manuel

    It’s that awkward moment when your friend’s fat arm makes you look naked in the office party photo.

  • Elyse C.

    Optical Illusion and a half!! That awkward moment when your friend's fat arm makes you look naked

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    This Made Me Look Twice - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

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