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Toronto Star: Leslie Spit destruction of ‘potentially explosive materials’ fizzles #FreeByron

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22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Australia

A further investigation into these snacks. | 22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Australia

Police have incinerated what they believe was harmful explosive materials found Wednesday at Byron Sonne’s former home. . . .The material in question, which a source said to The Canadian Press was potassium chlorate, was discovered in the backyard of Sonne’s former home. Some neighbouring houses were evacuated and other residents were told to remain indoors as the bomb squad conducted its work.

Canada Needs You!/Le Canada a besoin de vous! is a wonderful show by Mike Ford where he takes young audiences on abreak-neck tour through First Nations lore, explorer's tales, the War of 1812, rebellions, Confederation, and finally skidding to a halt for an examination of Canada's explosive 20th Century (including John A. MacDonald-themed material).

Canada get ready for an explosion!! It Works is opening a Distribution Centre and providing all the materials needed for this business with a Canadian slant. Yay!! Want to join me making Canada a healthier place? Send me an email for details at and let's talk.

A view of a portion of the Nova Scotia Archives website about the 1917 Halifax Explosion, Personal Narratives and other materials. Screen captured December 2, 2015.

The Halifax Explosion occurred on Thursday, December 6, 1917, when the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was devastated by the detonation of the SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship that was fully loaded with wartime explosives. The Mont-Blanc detonated after colliding with the Norwegian SS Imo in a part of Halifax Harbour called "The Narrows". About 2,000 people were killed by debris, fires, and collapsed buildings, and it is estimated that over 9,000 were injured.

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Guy Vidal explosion brooch

Guy Vidal explosion brooch, one of my favorite finds

❥ Train Derails In Pennsylvania, Spilling Up To 4,000 Gallons Of Oil~ more and more chemical spills across the nation are poisoning our waters and foods. These are irreversible disasters.

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There's still time to skate on the frozen bubbles at Abraham Lake and Lake Minnewanka

According to The Plaid Zebra: "When permafrost thaws, the materials at the bottom thaw too. When they decompose, methane gas is released. Thousands of bubbles make their way from the depths to the surface. Methane gas is incredibly flammable. It traps heat 25 times more than carbon dioxide does, so people are pondering whether lighting the bubbles would result in explosion — most likely, it would. Just revel in the beauty for now. Usually rinks are open in the park from December through to…

This composite image of the Hydra A galaxy cluster shows 10-million-degree gas observed by Chandra in blue and jets of radio emission observed by the Very Large Array in pink. Optical data (in yellow) from the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope and the Digitized Sky Survey shows galaxies in the cluster. Detailed analysis of the Chandra data shows that the gas located along the direction of the radio jets is enhanced in iron and other metals. Scientists think these elements have been produced by…

Sarah Anne Johnson (b. 1976, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) - Party Boat, 2010 from Arctic Wonderland series Chromogenic Print, Hand Painted with Photospotting Ink, Acrylic Inks

Inuit woman's parka with embroidery. Inuit clothing is often elaborately decorated with beads, tassels, dyes, and colored thread. Styles vary from region to region, and often a person's locale can be deduced from details of their clothing. | Volcano Island of Taal | Taal volcano is complex. Instead of rising from the ground as a distinct, singular dome like its neighbor, Mayon, Taal consists of multiple stratovolcanoes, conical hills, and craters of all shapes and sizes. These features have grown together to form the 5-kilometer (3 mile) wide Volcano Island, one of the Philippines’ most volcanically active areas. The Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8 acquired this image of Volcano Island on…

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24 maps that will change the way you see the world

24 maps that will change the way you see the world - Matador Network

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The Definitive Guide to English Swear Words

Guide to English Curse Words - CollegeHumor Post

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Gallery of Éclats de verre / Atomic3 - 6

ATOMIC3 has scattered Éclats de verre: a giant shattered stained-glass window reorganised into a playful maze that offers a unique immersive experience to its visitors, and a colourful panorama to passersby.

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Washer Necklace with Washi Tape

This Washer necklace is so fun! Mix up your materials and use something from the hardware store!! Really fun to make with washi tape!