Again, see ya to the living room set up, but the loft with books is phenom.

A -- Reading nook for my office. This peaceful book nook. | 22 Things That Belong In Every Bookworm's Dream Home

How cool. I'm totally putting one of these in my house when I build the two-story library.

Unique library :) #library

Small space loft bedroom. Smartly arranged.

office space.

Books books books books!

Great library

Coffee Books & Rain Pillow. needs to say Cats, Books & Rain.

windows- trees- books!! Heaven

Even though the dining area gives me vertigo (where is the railing?!), this loft space is spectacular. I'd have to change the semi-circular window tops, though--too '70s for me.

This is like a cross between bunk beds and a loft. Nice for a guest room.

The Loft Shelf | 19 Hardcore Images Of Bookshelf Porn. They're all amazing.

So neat!


Home library... Perfectly organised with a secret doorway to a room. <3



Bookshelf ~ this is the kind of bookshelf i want in my house

I would live here and never leave