If only this included Maya...

Grab an iced coffee and have a quiet relaxing day with your favorite book

This HAS to be the closing song for wizards after a long night at the Three Broomsticks bar!

Severus Snape, definitely one of the biggest bad asses ever. Seriously, how much hate did this guy get and still was like I don't give an eff, bring it!

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My weekend is all booked shirt.

Smiling's My Favorite

Grey's Anatomy t-shirts. Whatt?? Need.

"Quidditch is my cardio" workout shirt. Pumpin' It Bookworm Style: Bookish Fitness Apparel - BOOK RIOT

These names represent some of the most influential musicians and jazz musicians of all time. Many of these musicians set the stage for the music that would come in later years and later evolve into rock and roll.

I can't believe nobody has bought me this yet!

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Meet Me At The Library T Shirt

Pearl Buck (1892-1973) ... gifted writer and civil rights activist ... winner of the 1938 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Nerdy knee highs (From Sock Dreams). :) I love these!

"Save a writer, buy a book" t-shirt.

Literary iPhone covers.

But first, coffee. I need this shirt!