oil on panel

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Thomas-Bossard-French-contemporary-artist+(6).jpg (700×695)

Thomas-Bossard-French-contemporary-artist+(6).jpg (700×695)


Harry Brioche After the storm

Suspension 2007 oil on canvas by talented artist, Gregory Thielker. Realistic Oil Paintings of Wet Windows.

Wet Windows Paintings by Gregory Thielker

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Animals depicted on hands: awesome!


"Under the unminding sky" is a stunning series of photorealistic paintings by American artist Gregory Thielker that depict various views through rainy car

Barrie Cooke, Megacerous Hibernicus 1983, oil on canvas  More Information: http://artdaily.com/news/68566/Kerlin-Gallery-announces-the-death-of-Irish-abstract-expressionist-painter-Barrie-Cooke#.UxhuefldXWg[/url] Copyright © artdaily.org

artwork: Barrie Cooke - Megaceros Hibernicus, 1983 - Oil on canvas - x 183 cm. - Collection Irish Museum of Modern Art. Courtesy IMMA, the artist - On view in the artists retrospective at IMMA from June until September

Gregory Thielker - Washington, D.C. Artist - Painters - Artistaday.com

Washington, D.C. artist Gregory Thielker

'Indefinite struggle' 2014 oil on canvas 36 x 48 inches Gregory Thielker

Painting by Gregor Thielke.

Hyper-realistic Rainy Day Traffic paintings by Gregory Thielker

oil on panel. gregorythielker.com

Disco: “O Deus Que Devasta Mas Também Cura”, Lucas Santtana