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kids clapping games; the oldies are all here!

Kids clapping games, the oldies are all here! Can't have little girls and not know these. Was just trying to remember them all so I could play with Emily, loved this as a kid

All you need is milk, food coloring and dish soap. Such a cool art project!

Milk Art A plate Milk Food Coloring Dish Soap Fill the plate with a thin layer of milk. Next, put in drops of food coloring. Then, add a few drops of dish soap into the center of the food coloring, sit back, and watch!

I never knew how to fold this one...thanks Pinterest!!

old school style note folding. Yep, this is how we texted our friends.we called it passing notes. I have boxes of these stored from middle school.

Armour doll house

Turn a dresser or armoire into a gigantic doll house and use drawers to store clothes, accessories, and dolls. I love this idea. I was always making dollhouses out of furniture as a little girl.

How to make Moon sand

Make your own Moon Sand. 4 cups sand + 2 cups corn starch + 1 cup of water = Moon Sand! Do you realize how much I have spent on Moon Sand? I am SO EXCITED to try this!

Use the underside of tables to create art like Michelangelo!

Atividades para as férias de verão

Painting like Michelangelo this is just plain fun for kids - What a great art day/history lesson!

10 Ways to Stop a Tantrum, what are tantrums

10 Tips for Surviving the Terrible Twos

10 MORE Ways to Stop a Tantrum - Tips from the Readers from Mess for Less - this is going to be helpful for work.

Inspire your young engineers with this fun pool noodle engineering wall.  #ProjectAmazing #ad

Awesome Pool Noodle Engineering Wall for Kids

Make this awesome pool noodle engineering wall with your kids for some fun summertime STEM learning.

Fun Clapping | Kids clapping games, songs & rhymes

Us band kids got pretty bored on the last day of camp.