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  • Dannette Lewis

    Fabulous! mirrored tile stairs. My stairway is so dark!

  • Erin Harris

    Tutorial Mirror Tiled Stair Risers --- Love this idea. Bet it would look cool with mosaic tile sheets, too.

  • Jillian

    mirror tiles stair risers - fused glass tiles instead of mirrors.

  • Inny Vinny

    No idea where this is, but I'd do disco ball steps in my house.

  • Oressa Kulack

    Not so sure the mirrored tiles match the house style, but great idea.

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I feel like if I had this I counldn't have any thing pink in the room I would paint it white or black

Neat iron staircase at the abandoned Weston State Hospital in West Virginia. Love the detail!

pink stairs + keith Haring inspired walls

this is a wonderful way to economize your space, should you have that style of staircase. plus, it evokes one of those awesome "beauty and the beast"-style library ladders -- or are those just the fantastical imaginings of my inner nine-year-old? suffice it to say, had i been in belle's shoes, i would never have made it to the west wing.

A spiral staircase in my home (that leads up to the top of my lighthouse or castle garrett, naturally) is my most ardent wish.

Inspiring photography. Each stair is lit from every angle, the stairs appear to be inside out, going up, and going down all at once. The color of the stairwell fades from a pigmented black to a soft blue. The photo's concept is simple, but the details make the image really striking.

I would not want to navigate these while inebriated.

Lovely stairs #flooring tiles, patterns, concrete flooring, marble, quartz, granite, wooden flooring, painted floor, inlay, spanish tiles, terracotta, bamboo, terrazzo, mosaics