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  • Michella Zoll

    In what place would these awesome stairs be commonplace? Swarovski Crystal Staircase - Champs Elysees (this must be the stairway to heaven)

  • Joette Suloff

    Glitter Stairs ~ The Sparkle, Swarovski Crystal Staircase ~ Champs Elysees, PARIS. Go for it!

  • Daniela Moran

    Can I have my own personal no boys allowed stair case please? Swarovski Crystal Staircase

  • Emily Anderson

    Sparkle Staircase. Fun to have on the basement stairs leading to the game/ toy room (In my dream house of course) =D

  • Olivia Barreras

    What?!?! Swarovski Crystal Staircase aka my future house!!!

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Swarovski Crystal Staircase - call it what you want, I know a glitter staircase when I see it!

I feel like if I had this I counldn't have any thing pink in the room I would paint it white or black

Where architecture meets Typeography / Louvre stairs

A spiral staircase in my home (that leads up to the top of my lighthouse or castle garrett, naturally) is my most ardent wish.

I love how it's built into the stairs! quite different. would the stove get the wood too hot???

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Of course my lighthouse will need a shaker staircase. Shaker Stairs ..

this is a wonderful way to economize your space, should you have that style of staircase. plus, it evokes one of those awesome "beauty and the beast"-style library ladders -- or are those just the fantastical imaginings of my inner nine-year-old? suffice it to say, had i been in belle's shoes, i would never have made it to the west wing.