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  • Almendra Vasquez

    Adventure Time - Cute Lumpy space princess. I need this for my future babies.

  • Jess Tounzen

    Adventure Time - Cute Lumpy Space Princess costume

  • Jill Pucik

    Does anyone have a baby I can dress as Lumpy Space Princess?? No one. K. #adventuretime

  • marion choa

    adventure time lumpy space princess kids costume! #ohmyglob you guys

  • Anmol Agarwal

    Thats going to be my kids first halloween costume.

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My mom pointed out the coolest thing about Adventure Time in regards to Leni watching it: It teaches her that every girl can be a princess, no matter how she looks or how much she has. I love that message :)

buy this shirt on ditrict lines and if it is over priced keep calm and lump off

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