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potluck in the rain

Pinch those Pennies: 50 Tips to Be Frugal! - I read some, there are a LOT of good ideas!!

Grocery Sales Cycles

Grocery sales cycles from Your Own Home Store. Click to know what you should focus on stocking up on each month:

Did you know you can remove sand from hands with baby powder? So next time you are camping near the beach or about to have lunch on the beach and you want to get the sand off you Just bring some baby powder, and wash your hands and body with it... Sand comes right off.

Instead of giving kids an arbitrary allowance, they can pick what tasks they want to do and earn as much money as they choose.

GREAT website that shows you how to build or fix almost anything in your house… Save for later! @ Home Design Pins

Save Every $5 Bill for a Painless, Fun Way to Build Your Savings Account

The $5 Savings Plan - One woman saved $12,000 in 2 years by saving all the $5 bills she came across.

47 Tips And Tricks To Ensure A Perfect Paint Job

Wish I knew these tips BEFORE we painted our entire house! Just read these, they are quick fast easy things that will make painting a little...

iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks (Paperback)

Easily Unlock the Power of Your iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away with your iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone to maximize its functionality. Using an easy