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Flying-Fish Pendant, 10th-15th century. Tolima, Colombia. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Jan Mitchell and Sons Collection, Gift of Jan Mitchell, 1991 (1991.419.24)

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Frog Pendant Date: 11th–16th century Geography: Costa Rica or Panama Culture: Chiriqui Medium: Gold

The Beautiful World of Crop Circles (Photo Gallery)

Milk Hill, Nr Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire | | Wheat In my last two blogs I had been looking at two crop circles that appeared on the same date, the of August But there was a formation that appeared back in 2008 on the of August making the date the …

coolartefact: Neo-Assyrian Amethyst Vase, 8th Century BCE. [530x563]Source:

Hunterston Brooch, an early Christian brooch with panels of gold filigree combining Celtic and Anglo-Saxon styles, made in the west of Scotland or Ireland around 700 AD.

Jeff Bridgman Antiques - Pictures for Listing # 1101 - MASTERPIECE FOLK CARVING OF A HORSE, LAST QUARTER 19TH CENTURY

“ A Pair of Bronze Spiral Fibulas Culture : European, Bronze Age Period : late 2nd – early 1st millennium B.C. Material : Bronze ”