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    Ho sempre voluto riciclare i contenitori du polistirolo. Ecco una bella idea per una craftroom ;)

    Repinning because I recognize the second picture from the top. I can't remember which magazine it was in, but it's from several years ago and talked about painting a concrete drive to look like brick -- even had the paint "recipe." If real bricks aren't available, I might do this someday.

    check out the last one; line your refrigerator shelves with Press & Stick Saran Wrap - when dirty, peel it off.

    im lovin this idea. i hate when im a guest somewhere & cant find more TP & dont wanna shuffle through there drawers/cabinets...I'm always worried about this happening to guest at my house & have TP in several places just in case :)

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    helpfull tips... the elevator is sooo true!!

    May need to go get some bay leaves! I have ants, gnats, and slightly more frightening buggies to repel from the kitchen, bathroom, and my garden, but I don't want to kill them...just encourage them to move elsewhere.

    Again, not everyone one of these is that great (I doubt I'll be making an outdoor bunkbed anytime soon) but others (of course I should attach the empty tissue box!) are great little life-hacks.

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