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Parfleche Knife Sheath Kit

Native American Blackfoot Indian Beaded Knife Sheath

American Indian Art:Beadwork and Quillwork, A CREE BEADED HIDE KNIFE SHEATH AND KNIFE. c. 1875...

Native American Sioux Beaded Knife Sheath

Awl Cases and Knife Sheaths - Crow Beaded Knife Sheath

Sioux knife sheath 1890

Native American

Buffalo Hide - spirithorsegallery

Sioux scalping knife and sheath.

Native American Arts

Brooklyn Museum: Arts of the Americas: Knife Case

Native American

Strike-a-lite Bag, Awl Case, Knife Sheath - Blackfoot - circa 1910

American Indian Art:Beadwork and Quillwork, A SIOUX BEADED HIDE KNIFE SHEATH. c. 1890

Northern Plains Beaded Knife Sheath, c 1870

Plains beaded hide sheath with trade steel knife~

Plains Cree beaded buffalo-hide knife sheath, ca.1850. Decorated on the front with a floral design, finely stitched in various shades of opaque and translucent beads; a bone and lead-handled dagger enclosed, L: 11"

A LAKOTA BEADED AND QUILLED HIDE POUCH composed of hide, glass beads, cotton thread, porcupine quills, and tin cones inserted with dyed horsehair, with a depiction of a morning star. Length with fringe 16 in.

circa 1900 SIOUX beaded hide knife sheath

sioux knife sheath

Sioux Beaded Pictorial Knife Sheath