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    David Hale, I will have be tattooed by you if it's the last thing I do


    alternate tree of life style, with a universal mandala. {ARI AKKERMAN    Heidelberg, Germany ...}

    tree tattoo- love the touch of color

    Tree of Life and DNA.

    This tattoo came from an idea to create an image to bring together science and nature. The outline is the Mandelbrot Set, discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot in the late 70s, and often considered to be one of the first fractal images ever produced.

    This is exactly what I've been looking for!!! I want something VERY similar but I want kids name in the feathers

    an arrow is pulled back in order to shoot forward, remember this when youre falling behind in life, soon you will fly forward.

    tree of sick would this be if it was a tattoo

    Tree Of Life Belgian Wall Tapestry, Woven in Belgium

    4 seasons tree.

    Dot work tree by Lena Lipatova

    Vintage Butterfly Unique image of tree in the wings by hartthings, $15.00

    heart tree: love it

    David Hale uses his unique tattoo style to create this beautiful bird of paradise tattoo design « « Ratta Tattoo

    David Hale design

    Randi Tree and House -David Hale is a tat genius

    Tree of Life tattoo