• Chrissy McPherson

    Hahaha so true. I think this idea would make a great wall clock actually...

  • Candace Casini

    True story. My life.

  • Molly Poorboy

    So true, and yet so funny!

  • Miss Elle

    haha there are a few people in my life that this would make the perfect gag gift for!

  • Krista Staudenmaier

    Pretty much sums up every morning I have to be at work. I quit paying attention to the time as soon as the thought 'I have 5min to be ready' crosses my mind as I stand naked with wet hair cursing myself for not remembering to do laundry the night before. - this quote is from the person before me, but it pretty much sums up my life.

  • Ashley Peters

    Please birthday present my friends!!

  • Jamie Dell

    "Whatever, I` m late anyway."

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