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    “Ready for Warren” makes a splash at #NN14#ReadyForWarren #politics #liberal

    Conservative Americans' love for the expression of contrary opinion is just like the show they rally around: a complete illusion.


    Baffled! I'm just baffled by this stupidity and complete lack of compassion. Please register to vote if you haven't, and bring compassion back by voting for democrats.


    All from "No Bid" contracts from the government.

    Request for Jon Stewart to host a presidential debate.

    Bill Maher New Rules-- Ronald Reagan was the Original Teabagger --THIS SHOULD GO VIRAL! About time someone spoke the truth about this mythological figure!


    Jake Tapper, #1 white house correspondant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So what does the man responsible for the Iraq war, the disastrous Katrina response, the financial meltdown and eight years of a failed presidency have to say about his reign of suffering and pain endured by so many? “There’s no need to defend myself.” and… “I’m comfortable with what I did. I’m comfortable with who I am.” If you need a graphic to go along with those words, this works.

    The Party of NO!!

    Oh yeah! they have my vote!

    Benefits NO ONE except foreign investors and US bankers. But that's okay because you hate that black guy...

    Documentary -Is there a law which requires you to pay the Federal Income Tax? Is the Federal Reserve a part of the United States Government, or is it a private bank owned and operated by multinational corporate interests? Do they have our nation's best interests at heart? Unless something changes, what does the future of the United States look like? The history that everyone forgot...this time is the result of the acts of a few men - controlled by a system of banks - the Federal Reserve.

    So important

    they depend on the people's short memory.

    Hillary for President 2016

    Rollin', rollin', rollin' eyes at Boehner.

    NO moral compass.....




    Tea Party....... so true!!!