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If you have friends you will never be short of prank ideas. There might be funny pranks as well as scary pranks but importantly they need to qualify as good pranks. This page gives you an idea of funny April fools prank.

A collection of funny kids notes - Mommy Has A Potty MouthMommy Has A Potty Mouth

hahahaha "I am running away because you think I farted when I dident. PS you are mean." 25 Funny Notes Written By Kids All from the mouths of babes. The utterly hilarious mouths of babes.

I wish I had an extra finger - then I could grab more cheese balls...HoneyBooBoo Words of Wisdom

I wish I had an extra finger - then I could grab more cheese balls.HoneyBooBoo Words of Wisdom. Had to see the season finale to get it!

How??? I seriously wanna learn how to do this this is a fail of epic proportion

37 People Who Are Worse At Cooking Than You

37 People Who Are Worse At Cooking Than You. I never thought I'd find people worse at cooking and baking than I am.

This reminds me of how me and my sister battle to get the first brownie from the middle of the pan...

So me! Middle piece of cake! Not do what I want!

Replace the toilet paper in your kid's bathroom with this DIY masterpiece.

37 Next-Level April Fools' Day Pranks Your Kids Will Never Forget

Looking for the perfect April Fools Day Prank? Here are 20 of the funniest April Fools Day pranks for you to prank your friends, family, or coworkers. Your sure to have a laugh at the reactions you will get to these clever pranks.

Just throwing this out there. TFM.

Some presidents throw like real men, some can't and throw like a princess.----and maybe you should stop judging people based on how they throw a freAKING BASEBALL? WHO THE FUCK CARES!

The awkward moment when you don't have a pin board suited for something you want to pin but are too lazy to create a new board.

What happens when I text boys

he obviously fainted. elajoie he obviously fainted. he obviously fainted.

Love Pictures in Spanish | Love quotes and sayings in spanish

Funny pictures about I throw my Spanish in the air. Oh, and cool pics about I throw my Spanish in the air. Also, I throw my Spanish in the air.

Hilarious pinterest posts | pinterest fun definitions pinterest in a nutshell x post from r funny ...

We pin pin pin! Ahh I love Dori :)