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The Bible...whatever your religion (or non-religion)... it's a must read. It's where people are coming from...for or against...I happen to be "for."

∞fσяєνєя ιѕит fσя єνєяуσиє∞ ↠вℓυєѕραяк18↞’s Word of the Day - humbuggery - pretense.

21 Eye-Opening Quotes From Fictional Characters (MANY OF THEM ARE DISNEY)

I recently went on holiday and tried out the water park and banana boating and snorkeling in deep water. For those of you who know me, i am not good with water at all but i found myself saying 'Heck, i'm only going to get one chance to do something like this!' and did it. I do not regret it in the slightest. YOLO.

This is my favorite part in the Lord of the Ring movies! I sat down and played and paused it to write it down when they first came out! THE GOOD IN THE WORLD IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!!!