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    there is nothing better than a bouquet of flowers from your beautiful and bossy big sista! f boys..

    Instructions for a Life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. ~Mary Oliver

    To show your kids the simple enjoyment of lying in the grass, day dreaming and watching the clouds float by...

    Pockets of sadness, which are flickers of honest recognition at felt sorrow, are glimpses where life is real, however painful such moments may be. Despite the aches that these pockets engender they do prosper us, if we’ll courageously stay the tremulous moment. ~ Steve Wickham

    Gorgeous!! @Christin Kincaid Didn't know if you had this pic or not, thought it was cute

    Stunning maternity pic, great use of light

    This is so cute. I def, want profess pictures of myself someday when I'm pregnant with my babies. Pregnant women are so beautiful :)

    Pregnancy Photos - wowzer, what a dress! Not a big fan of that HUGE flower / hair piece, but I love her lingere y

    this is gorgeous. I love how he is looking at her!! I may also be pinning this because i'm pretty sure that man is Cam Gigandet.. yum

    maternity love maternity photos they are always gorgeous

    Lanie Harolds, The woman who bore Horence.... (I will pin something about his past that changed him later)