Candy Cane Ornament    This cool candy cane ornament is quick and easy to make. Cut 1/8"-wide red and white paper quilling strips to 6" long. Shape quills into spirals by wrapping the paper around a toothpick, then glue the spirals together edge to edge, alternating the red and white. Knot a length of ribbon, trim, and glue it on the candy cane as an accent. Attach the hanging thread.

Quilled Candy Cane As you get the hang of quilling, try more advanced projects, such as this candy cane. Adhere tiny, spiraled strips of paper together to form a candy cane shape, and embellish with ribbon.

Candy Cane Ornament

Easy Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

Candy Cane Ornament When these hard peppermint candies are laid close together and baked, they melt into each other to create a fun candy cane.

fabric wrapped candy canes! I love these!

A New Twist on the Homespun Candy Cane!

Fabric wrapped candy canes: fabric scraps, plastic candy canes, glue gun, mini bells and rope or ribbon. All items on hand or from the Dollar Store

Adorable Button Candy Cane Ornaments |

Adorable Button Candy Cane Ornaments

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wooden block christmas crafts | Christmas ornament wood block decoupaged with sheet music.

Small Christmas Tree Ornament Red Sheet Music Christmas Present Gift Decoration Jingle Bells

Quick Quilled Wreath Ornament for the Christmas Tree

Quick Quilled Wreath Ornament for the Christmas Tree

Pretty and easy DIY

Beaded Snowflake Ornament -- I don't care so much for how the multiple snowflakes tangle with each other. But I wonder if you could/how it would look if you rolled up a larger beaded snowflake and let it unroll once inside.


45 Budget-Friendly Last Minute DIY Christmas Decorations

Snowman ornament made with Elmers School glue or hot glue, black seed beads & orange pompom (let glue dry on waxed paper & peel off)

Melted Snowman, fun winter craft ideas don't get more unique than this. Squeeze hot glue onto a foil sheet, decorate it and let it dry. Talk about quick and easy!