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front side/back side action video simultaneously. same scene, both reactions. hi tech in a super lo tech fashion.

THE LOVE BOX records a two sided video in one single iPhone shot.

Audio: iFrogz Boost NearField Audio

iLounge news discussing iFrogz debuts Boost speaker for iPhone, iPod. Find more iPad Accessories news from leading independent iPod, iPhone, and iPad site.

Glitch had every piece of technology you could think of, he loved technology, he loved all of it.  Everything he had was either technology or clothes.  He taught Alex about how to use a phone, so he could keep in contact with the others.

The rumoured Apple iPanel picks up traction as Apple acquire premium German TV manufacturer.


Bulletproof case protects your iPhone from trigger happy gangsters. I don't think I need this, but find it funny that it was developed.

gameboy iphone cover - this is just fantastic

GameBoy iPhone Case

This novelty iPhone case is a tribute to the greatest portable gaming device ever, so it’s no coincidence that the GameBoy iPhone case may just be the greatest iPhone case ever. Share the Nintendo love by giving this iPhone case to a fellow gamer.

Retro Styled Metal iPad Easels | Cool Material

Retro Styled Metal iPad Easels

The iPad is a gorgeous piece of machinery. Even if you don't consider the fact that it's a technical marvel that makes it very convenient to feed your Internet

Docking Stations in Electronics & Gadgets - Etsy Home & Living

Items similar to iPhone Stand and Headphone Wrap - Cherry (iPhone, iPad and SmartPhone) on Etsy

iPhone Smart Cover design by Adrien Olczak on Dribble. (It's not in production yet).

iPhone Smart Cover design by Adrien Olczak on Dribble.

Simple & Elegant http://www.theglif.com/

They include the Glif, the Cosmonaut, and the Neat Ice Kit.

Klaus Maier Schreinerei | iPad Air 2 Ständer on woonder.com #woonder #woondercom #wedealwithbeautifulthings #klausmeierschreinerei #ipad #technics #wood #helpful #ipadständer

Klaus Maier Schreinerei | iPad Air 2 Ständer on woonder.com #woonder #woondercom #wedealwithbeautifulthings #klausmeierschreinerei #ipad #technics #wood #helpful #ipadständer

Energy monitors displaying your energy usage

Wattson Home Energy Monitor Better Living Through Technology: 10 Future Gadgets