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Allison Maslan, recently named one of the Top Entrepreneurs Who Inspire by Self Made Magazine, has built 10 successful companies in all different industries. A born entrepreneur, she has mentored countless business owners to make more money than ever before, doing what they absolutely love. Allison's system embodies a partnership of holistic balance, a zest for success and the most innovative business strategies you will find anywhere.

Allison Maslan

Facebook business strategies. These are some amazing tips for marketing your small business online.

Allison Maslan

This is it!

Allison Maslan

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I'm a business

biz ladies: Keeping Your Cool as a Small Business Owner: New York-based jewelry designer Pamela Liou | Design*Sponge

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Entrepreneur Magazine. One of my favorite reads.

Allison Maslan of AllieLor!


... everyday i'm hustlin

Faith and Timing

Allison was featured Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us

"Surround yourself with..." ~ advice from @Oprah