Hang a blown up balloon from a string. Dip lace doilies in wallpaper glue and wrap on balloon. Once they're dry, pop the balloon and add a tea light candle.

Burlap & Doily Luminaries: Rustic meets Romance - Crafts by Amanda

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Must make!! Teal doilies?

Love this idea! Cover balloons with tulle and add flowers.

Leaves modpodged to a balloon, balloon then popped and removed.

DIY dreamcatcher I really like this

You need: Old crochet doilies A balloon Wallpaper glue Soak the doilies in the glue, and stick them on the balloon.  I used five doilies. Let the doilies overlap a little bit. Hang the balloon to dry. My doilies are quite thick, and needed at least a day to dry. When its dry you prick the balloon, and voila - you have a beautiful candleholder:)

Mediterranean light lace. One trick: To shape, and harden the doilies, cook rice grains in plenty of water; When the rice is cooked and the water pasty, drain in a sieve. With the water of the rice starch, spray (or dip) the doilies that you want to shape and let dry...

DIY ● Tutorial ● Paper-Doily Wreath

Lace votive holder...Mod Podge the lace around a balloon, let dry, then pop the balloon. Beautiful!!

Rolled up magazine paper and glued onto a balloon. Let dry and pop the balloon.

Hang a blown up ballon from a string. Dip lace doilies in wallpaper glue and wrap on ballon. When it's dry, pop the balloon and add a tea light candle @Alex Leichtman-Jade Renaud

How to make a tiny bow with a fork. Cute and easy. Glue the bows on letters, in scrap books or on a bobby pin for a cute and girly touch :)

Mason jar

Make these bohemian glass lanterns from regular mason jars, acrylic paints, rhinestones, gold puff paint and tea lights - super easy, super fun! #DIY

tape Around tea light candles

yarn/string decor

for Notebooks cover

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