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Brilliant! Turn on the app if you feel unsafe and hold your finger on the screen. Once youve arrived at a safe location, enter your code. If your finger leaves the screen without entering the code, law enforcement is notified and your location is traced through the phone. So great for college girls!!
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Red Stamp app.  Send stylish, personalized notes effortlessly from you iphone.  FREE.   @Debbye Cannon
I always find myself Googling: “best time to buy flights” or “best time to buy appliances.” And when I found this cool graphic, and amazing cheat sheet from savings.com, I j…
Omniscient Siri    Our entry into the Siri design competition, an accessory which slides onto the iPhone and serves as the 'face' of Siri. The androgynous face has a wry, elusive smile suggesting the machine knows something that the user does not.