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I have been wanting to do the first arrangement FOREVER with Canvas. SO expensive so I may never do it but its so cute!

this was for a father's day gift but you could do this for anyone! different saying, add a picture before you start painting

Custom wall letter, with whole name on letter! And I love the name Kennedy!

JOY in plush ripe tones, JOY is rushing through my bones... if JOY were a color, it would be purple pastel pretty like old women and young children both wear on Easter.

I love this! I like the idea of hanging pictures around the Corner, but i would prefer symmetric and fewer pictures

Have guests pin where they traveled from to come back to the reunion. Draw a heart around hometown.

Nail & string. Make it for your state with your heart in the city of choice

Framed seperately on wall. This but with wedding dress and tux. Super cute idea!

picture on wood wall hanging. Thinking of using old barnwood slabs from our yard!