Definitely having at least two secret passageways in my house - somewhere hidden away makes it all fairytale like! I most certainly will have one!

The door to an underground storm shelter/panic room/secret hid out in the kitchen island! Best secret passage ever!! Definitely a dream home feature! (would also be good if someone broke into your house and you had to hide somewhere)

A library in the library... see what they did there.

Hidden pantry

Woolly secret reading nook

sliding fridge door!

secret passageway...every house needs one of these

Everyone loves a house with hidden door or secret rooms, but these are tricky details to pull off successfully. Here are a few of my recent projects with hidden doors and my favorite hardware to accomplish these works of craftsmanship.

Two of my loves combined! Books and nature!!

Patterned carpet v. solid ceiling & shelving + mirrored doors + center dresser + nice light fixture Would do this using a darker color so that it doesn't look so feminine or country

Secret bookcase door.

Si te estás cambiando, o haciendo tu casa, instala un cuarto secreto. Será la sensación del hogar.

Secret Door to theater room. This Fulfils my intense need for both a secret passage in the house and also for a theater room!

Bookshelf Doorway.