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    This website lets you pick a muscle group, and then it shows you what exercises to at home to work out that area. It's awesome!

    You click on the part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home!

    Brazilian butt exercises. Trying this today.

    4 Exercises to Lose Love Handles - my biggest trouble area, i need this in my workout routine

    click on the area on the picture to find exercises that will work it out!

    I had no idea this was something I could fix. It has always drove me crazy! I am so excited :) Exercises to work out my biggest problem, the gluteus medius! fix

    Ultimate swimsuit workout! I've done all of the exercises for five minutes each everyday and my whole body hurts. But after three weeks, i've noticed that i have lost quite a few pounds! This website has amazing exercises and i really recommend it!

    Do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy flatten and thighs/butt get toned... all you need is a wall. New Years resolutioin: put my butt back up where it belongs!

    What a cool website! You type in your body weight, height and clothing size to find pictures of other women that are the same size as you. Gives you a better idea of what your body looks like since sometime we have a skewed perception of our own body image!

    The 5 Best Leg Exercises

    frog squat- best butt and lower body exercise ever!

    3-day military diet. apparently you can lose up to ten lbs. in 3 days, with this special diet. Take a four day break and do it again until you've achieved your goal... Pinner checked it w/ her medic hubs & he said it's good to try!

    Chest exercises...

    Only takes 4 minutes, but its the longest 4 mins of my life: Burns as many calories as a 40-60 minutes run. Makes your body adapt and improve very quickly. Increases metabolism for up to the next 36 hrs. Takes only FOUR minutes, Developed by a Japanese Scientist

    No Bat wings...11 Best Tricep Exercises For Women. Great site! It shows you how to do it all!

    Fitness And Weight Loss | Body I Need

    BeFit-Mom Postpartum Abdominal Reconditioning/Exercise After Pregnancy