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Hardly ever happened to me!


Sad, but true


WHOA!! Had to use the calculator 3 times to finally stop trying to prove it wrong, lol.



Puns + breakfast = love

Read this before you jump on that high horse of yours... i never thought of it this way but maybe it is the reason i always feel so ashamed when i get nice things. Its like i dont deserve them because im poor.

Sing it with me now: | These Are The Only Notes You’ll Ever Need For Math Class <<< this is great!!!

It's All About Math, Math, Math

Mary Poppins would not approve, but I still laugh.


Too funny! But what if I told you this was quite true! What would you say?

I would very much like to shoot the person who would disrupt the beauty that is Rainbow Nerds... THIS IS SACRILEGIOUS!!!!

For anytime bro just doesn't cut it.