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    How to Get Sticker Glue Off Plastic

    How to get sticker label and glue residue off of glass and plastic

    Painted plastic toys ♕

    Vintage muffin tins make perfect storage containers, photographed by Inspire Lovely

    make your own temp. stamp!

    I made one of these w/coffee filters. I scrunched the bottoms together & then hot glue gunned them to the paper lantern. Creates a fluffy/ruffled look in the end. Be prepared to use about 200 filters. I love to show it off & have people guess what it's made of. No ones gotten on the 1st guess yet!

    What a cute display!

    **I'm only pinning this to say DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE PRESCRIPTION PLASTIC LENSES!!! you WILL change the prescription if you do this. This is coming from someone with 8 years in the Optometry/Optical field*** How to Remove Scratches From Plastic Lens Glasses: 8 steps

    How to roll plastic bags so they come out like wipes. thanks pinterest! finally I can tame the cabinet of bags.

    How to get rid of yellow under arm stains Goodbye to yellow armpit stains! 1 tsp. Dawn, 3-4 tsp. Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 tbsp. baking soda. Mix together, rub in, and be amazed! just did it to some pretty grungy Ts and they are improved but on as much as the web sight showed.

    THIS WORKS!! i just did it -ash get sticky stickers off of bottles and jars: this never seems to work for me. And, if you use it on plastic, it leaves it cloudy, even after washing. I had better results on glass. (read the comments, even more tips)

    How to clean a plastic shower curtain - Ask Anna This TOTALLY worked. I tossed the soap scum covered thing in the washer, with an old towel and a cup of vinegar. It came out wrinkled, but CLEAN!

    This homemade version of Goo Gone works great to remove sticker and label residue from glass and plastics.

    8 Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing! You don't need to buy expensive (and often over powering) spray air fresheners or scented plug-ins to have your home smell nice. There are ways to naturally fill your home with good smells!

    Get rid of ants almost overnight with this solution!! Pinning just in case.

    How to Remove Ink from Plastic Containers

    Homemade Fabric Softener Crystals Recipe {2 Simple Ingredients!} Multiply by 20 for 5 gallon


    Turn whites back to white whites. It's a laundry miracle!

    Have you ever stored tomato sauce in a plastic food container, only to be left with a stubborn stain? Here’s how to get your containers squeaky clean again.