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Pirela Blade Design


DIY blades

Odd Axe Design, Not so odd if you knew that it's used for. .

RMJ Berserker

Parrying dagger (pugnale bolognese), ca. 1550–75; Italian. Partly gilt steel, brass & wood. Designed to be used together with a rapier, this dagger is fitted with a side ring, recurved quillons & a depression at the base of one side of the blade to accommodate the thumb and facilitate a firmer grip. The waves in the blade may be intended to act like "speed bumps" in breaking the impact of a blow from an opponent's blade. The piercing of the fullers (grooves) is decorative.

Exterma Ratio Blades

Fixed blade by Tom Krein

Stone washed stainless steel blade with by DabbertCustomBlades

Sword of the Ice Look at the pattern on the blade; this is very close to how swords of Arthur's time would have looked. Not a perfect polished spotless blade, but pattern welded, running with rivulets of colour where the steel bars were welded together.

A RARE OTTOMAN HORN-HILTED SWORD (YATAGHAN), TURKEY, DATED 1181 AH/1767 AD the finely watered steel curved blade with a flat back edge and inscriptions along both sides of the blade enclosed in star motifs which continue to decorate the top ridge of the blade, the hilt with horn grips and silver studs, decorated with arabesques on the tang, applied silver floral decoration at the forte

Bearded axe, modern design.

Execution sword. 1625. Solingen blade mounted in London.

Awesome blade on the Zero Tolerance 0560CBCF

How to sharpen Tools. Axe, shovel, and lawn mower blades //

Handmade Forged Compund Steel Tanto Blade $57

Zero Tolerance fixed blade.

Nordic Sax, a type of single blade knife, with beautiful carving details.

Emerson CQC-6, grail blade, right down to the Steel Flame bead.

Ron Gaston, Fighter with Slender Blade and Stabilized Wood Scales, sleek and stylish

Lion's Toothpick by TOPS KNIVES - a blade made for quick decisions and strong penetration. A perfect backup tool for the "quiet professionals"...