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MFK03-G - Hardcore Hardware Australia

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Odd Axe Design, Not so odd if you knew that it's used for. .

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Hewing Axe by tomward2 on Etsy

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Munroe Design

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Munroe Design

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Heilbrunn Timeline

Parrying dagger (pugnale bolognese), ca. 1550–75; Italian. Partly gilt steel, brass & wood. Designed to be used together with a rapier, this dagger is fitted with a side ring, recurved quillons & a depression at the base of one side of the blade to accommodate the thumb and facilitate a firmer grip. The waves in the blade may be intended to act like "speed bumps" in breaking the impact of a blow from an opponent's blade. The piercing of the fullers (grooves) is decorative.

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Stone washed stainless steel blade with by DabbertCustomBlades

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Execution sword. 1625. Solingen blade mounted in London.

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Awesome blade on the Zero Tolerance 0560CBCF

The Family Handymanfrom The Family Handyman

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How to sharpen Tools. Axe, shovel, and lawn mower blades //

Etsyfrom Etsy

Handmade Forged Compound Steel Tanto Blade Knife w/Wood Sheath

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Blade 57

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Handmade Forged Compund Steel Tanto Blade $57

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GTI 4.5 fixed blade knife

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Nordic Sax, a type of single blade knife, with beautiful carving details.