Andrew Myers 3D Portrait made with screws. This is extremely cool design. The amount of detail, drive, and planning that had to go into each one of these pictures is astounding. I feel the coolest thing about this is how the screws are not all the sam level; it creates a more dynamic and a singularity to the person

Awesome wood carvings #elephants

i will do this to my floors

This is amazing!

This is my favorite piece of art I've ever seen.

Whoa man

Here's a CLEVER CUBE!! Rubik's Cube Art #insane #clever #toogood

this dude is amazing.

♥ Hand-crafted wooden figures at Bruno’s Art & Sculpture Garden . Marysville Victoria Australia. Sadly these were destroyed in terrible bushfires

Dos Hombres Muertos by David Lozeau

Janiana Mello and Daniel Landini: Untwisted Ropes Tacked to Gallery Walls Appear to Sprout like Trees

Amazing School Desk Carving Art :) rePinned with Love by #paydayloansturbo #loans #cash #money

Awesome paper art by Jen Stark (Pic) | Daily Dawdle

Cool Smoke

Amazing Sculpture.

Ken Unsworth

Children love when they can express art freely. Infants can be given a large paper and edible paint, crayons, or markers to do what ever they won't on the paper.

lisa rodden - paper flowers

this is truly amazing!

dimension. too amazing not to pin!