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    Sometimes, I wish I was a bird… :-D



    Funny quote! Got this on a key chain for my mom years ago- One day a guy came out to fix her windshield (under warranty), turns out the problem wasn't really covered but he covered it anyway because the key chain made him afraid to confront her

    To funny

    Back off

    No freaking doubt!

    Shit happens

    Yea, pretty much.

    if you don't want a sarcastic answer, don't ask a stupid question... so true though....


    This is for you Dawn Cameron-Hollyer Cameron-Hollyer Cameron-Hollyer Bertram-Sigler !!!

    I've heard many good stories beginning like this...

    True...think about it :)

    funny quotes


    Funny Ecards


    i don't like the b-word... but this is SO true about some people!