• Allison Edgecomb

    Dosage: One spoonful of HamTrex™ Nighttime Formula before bedtime. For occasional use only as directed. Side effects may include itching, scaling, dry mouth, bed head, morning breath, memory loss, memory loss, tennis elbow, brain freeze, the heebie jeebies, memory loss, the rockin’ pneumonia and/or the boogie woogie flu, an uncontrollable urge to describe all objects as “iddy biddy cutie wootie” regardless of size, and memory loss. If HamTrex Nighttime Formula supplicates itself before you, as i

  • Lauren Tersteeg

    i love you little hammy.

  • Kathy Kenna

    Just a spooonful of hamster helps the medicine go down (sing in Julie Andrews voice)!

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