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Starfish - I still love the story of casting back the starfish stranded on the shore... "What difference can it make to save one starfish when there are miles of beach and thousands of stranded starfish."......"It matters to this one.

Cushion sea star in the shallows at low tide on the beach #starfish #photography

I wish I was a beautiful starfish.

a blue starfish in Tahiti, French Polyniesia #tahiti

purple, violet, lavender - this pic has all the shades

Love the ocean! ♥ So the old man said to the little boy who was picking up starfish off the beach and throwing them into the water; stop wasting your time you can't save all of them, the little boy replied but I can save this one. I love uppity little people! As long as they are uppity in a fighting for justice kinda way! Ha!

colorful starfish Piha, New Zealand by Zanthia Flicr

Starfish in water, ahhh we just love the Island Life! #travel #islands #starfish

A nice walk for holding hands and feeling the black silky sand beneath your feet.

starfish colony on the west coast of New Zealand